Version 2 CapnoVue® Adult Mask Now Available!

The CapnoVue® Scope provides face mask oxygen and enables capnography when access to a patient's mouth may be required, such as during procedures in gastroenterology, pulmonary medicine, and cardiology. 

  • New!  An enlarged and reinforced 27mm anterior mask aperture in the adult version is engineered to position directly over a patient's mouth, allowing introduction and manipulation of most common instruments with negligible friction. 
  • Bilateral gas sample line connection points are highly accessible and enable capnography in nearly any patient position.
  • Sample line attachment points utilize secure luer lock connectors.
  • When attached, the gas sample line is directed away from the patient's eyes and the proceduralist's hands.
  • CapnoVue®Scope is designed to reduce the risk of eye contact by moving slightly inferior on the nose while the patient's mouth is open.
  • Latex and DEHP free; clear for maximum visibility.