Why choose Capnovue® masks?

Monitor Mask's Capnovue® masks are the safe, advanced choice for endoscopy, bronchoscopy and conscious sedation cases, assisting you by reducing the risk of hypoxic events. Carbon dioxide can be monitored through pre-formed ports located near where the patient exhales, allowing an accurate assessment of whether the patient is deprived of an adequate oxygen supply. The tubing attaches simply and swiftly. Thus, these masks allow you to increase patient safety in an easy-to-use design. They are quickly becoming the standard of patient care.

Available in sizes for adults, children and infants, Capnovue® offers a mask suited to your patient's needs. In addition to offering a pre-formed port to allow oxygen entry and carbon dioxide monitoring, the Scope model is a multi-port capnography mask that allows may types of scopes, probes and tubes to be inserted through the mask and enter the mouth or nose. Procedures can be completed while delivering a high percentage of oxygen to the patient and monitoring carbon dioxide. And the masks are made of high quality, clear plastic to maximize visibility.

Monitor Mask delivers the most usable mask, of the highest quality at a competitive price. Our masks help save lives!